I believe this is one of two brothers who were born in Croydon and then for some reason travelled down to Sussex there is no conclusive evidence of this.

Certainly there are 2 brothers William Sussex and John (Newick) both have the same trade Fellmongering.

I have checked Apprenticeship records but nothing has found


First Generation


1. John ISARD. Born abt 1754. Buried on 24 Sep 1832 in East Grinstead Sussex. Occupation: Felmonger.On 20 Jun 1787 when John was 33, he married Mary LEVETT, in East Grinstead Sussex. Born abt 1764.

See Croydon Isards

They had the following children:

i. Mary Ann. Born abt 1788 in Probably East Grinstead

2 ii. John (~1789-1871)

3 iii. William (~1792-1878)

iv. Martha. Born abt 1795 in East Grinstead Sussex.

vi. Mary. Born abt 1805 in East Grinstead Sussex.

vii. Elizabeth. Born abt 1808 in East Grinstead Sussex.

Second Generation


2. John ISARD. Born abt 1789 in Probably East Grinstead Sussex. John died in East Grinstead Sussex on 15 May 1871, he was 82. Occupation: Foreman Carpenter.On 18 Jun 1821 when John was 32, he married Ruth POTTER, daughter of Richard POTTER & Ruth FORD, in South Malling Sussex. Born abt 1794 in Lewes Sussex. Ruth died in Eastbourne Sussex in Jan 1873, she was 79.

They had the following children:

4 i. John (1822-1878)

ii. William. Born on 15 May 1824 in South Malling.

5 iii. Joseph (1826-1872)

iv. David. Born on 2 Jan 1830 in Probably South Malling.

v. Elizabeth Hanna. Born on 5 Feb 1836 in South Malling

vi. Ruth. Born on 21 Oct 1831 in South Malling Sussex.

3. William ISARD. Born abt 1792 in East Grinstead Sussex. William died in Newick Sussex on 6 Aug 1878, he was 86. Buried in Newick Churchyard. Occupation: Master Glover & Tawyer , Felmonger.On 21 Oct 1822 when William was 30, he married Fanny BURTON, daughter of James BURTON & Elizabeth SHARP, in South Malling Sussex. Born abt 1794 in Probably Buxted Sussex. Fanny died in Newick Sussex on 30 Aug 1861, she was 67.

They had the following children:

i. William. Born on 31 Oct 1823 in Newick Sussex.

ii. Martha. Born abt 1826 in Newick Sussex.

iii. Mary (Twin). Born on 11 Apr 1827 in Newick Sussex

6 iv. John (Twin) (1827-1914)

v. Elizabeth. Born on 19 Dec 1828 in Newick Sussex

vi. Sarah. Born on 5 Feb 1833 in Newick Sussex.

vii. Ann. Born on 27 Apr 1836 in Newick Sussex.

viii. Esther. Born abt 1841.

Third Generation


4. John ISARD. Born on 22 Apr 1822 in South Malling Sussex. John died in Lewes Sussex on 1 Apr 1878, he was 55. Occupation: Whitesmith.On 11 Oct 1851 when John was 29, he first married Elizabeth JONES, daughter of Owen JONES, in St Nicholas Brighton Sussex.On 8 Sep 1855 when John was 33, he second married Lucy MEDHURST, daughter of Richard Hever MEDHURST & Sarah THOMAS, in Brighton Sussex. Born abt 1829 in Framfield Sussex. Lucy died in Brighton Sussex in Oct 1863, she was 34.

They had the following children:

i. Lucy Mary. Born in Oct 1859 in Brighton Sussex.

ii. John. Born in Jan 1860 in Brighton Sussex.

iii. William. Born in Jul 1861 in Brighton Sussex

5. Joseph ISARD. Born on 20 Jul 1826 in Probably South Malling Sussex. Joseph died in South Malling Sussex on 15 Mar 1872, he was 45. Occupation: Plumber Painter & Decorator.In Jun 1854 when Joseph was 27, he married Caroline HILLMAN, daughter of Samuel HILLMAN, in Lewis Sussex. Born abt 1824. Caroline died in Eastbourne Sussex on 21 Apr 1918, she was 94.

They had the following children:

i. Caroline. Born in Oct 1858 in Eastbourne Sussex.

ii. Amy Esther. Born in Mar 1860 in Eastbourne Sussex.

iii. Alfred John. Born in Mar 1861 in Eastbourne Sussex Photographer for details of his work click here

iv. Edith Sarah. Born abt 1866 in Eastbourne Sussex.

6. John ISARD. Born on 11 Apr 1827 in Probably Newick. John died in Newick Sussex on 4 Apr 1914, he was 86. Occupation: Wool Dealer & Felmonger.John married Sarah Ann CURTIS, daughter of John CURTIS & Elizabeth Not Known. Born abt 1832 in Lewes Sussex. Sarah Ann died in Newick Sussex on 18 Sep 1914, she was 82.

They had the following children:

i. Abraham Curtis. Born in Jan 1852 in Lewes Sussex

ii. Sarah Ann. Born on 1 Apr 1854 in Lewes Sussex.

iii. Lydia. Born on 14 Nov 1855 in Newick Sussex.

iv. Elizabeth. Born in Jul 1857 in Newick Sussex

7 v. John Willam (1859-1937)

8 vi. Joseph (1861-)

9 vii. Stephen (1863-1951)

10 viii. Ebeneezer (1866-1935)

ix. Fanny Ann. Born in Jan 1868 in Newick Sussex.

Fourth Generation


7. John Willam ISARD. Born in Jul 1859 in Newick Sussex. John Willam died in Heathfield Sussex on 23 Nov 1937, he was 78. Occupation: Felmonger & Gentleman.In Oct 1892 when John Willam was 33, he married Mary Ann Not Known, in Cuckfield Sussex.

They had one child:

i. Victor Reece (1910-1996)

8. Joseph ISARD. Born in Jul 1861 in Lewes Sussex. Occupation: Shopman Draper & Farmer , Storekeeper.On 14 Mar 1905 when Joseph was 43, he married Florence BARTON, daughter of John BARTON & Mary Ann WILLIS, in Australia Paramatta New South Wales. Born abt 1873 in Australia Woolgar New South Wales.

They had one child:

i. Mary Elizabeth. Born in Jan 1909 in Newick Sussex.

9. Stephen ISARD. Born in Oct 1863 in Lewes Sussex. Stephen died in Lewes Sussex on 25 Oct 1951, he was 88. Occupation: Felmonger.In Mar 1885 when Stephen was 21, he married Ellen Matilda SELSBY, in Cuckfield Sussex ( Not Proven ). Born abt 1858 in Keymer Sussex. Ellen Matilda died in Lewes Sussex in Jul 1940, she was 82.

They had the following children:

i. Arthur. Born in Mar 1886 in Lewes Sussex.

ii. Amy Victoria. Born in Mar 1887 in Lewes Sussex.

iii. Marion Elizabeth. Born in Jan 1889 in Newick Sussex.

iv. Adelaide. Born abt 1890.

v. Percy John. Born in Jul 1893 in Lewes Sussex. Killed World War 1  See War Dead  See Picture

vi. Joseph Henry. Born on 18 Aug 1895 in Lewes Sussex.

10. Ebeneezer ISARD. Born in Jul 1866 in Lewes Sussex. Ebeneezer died in Royal Sussex Hospital Brighton on 22 Jan 1935, he was 68. Occupation: Butcher.In Oct 1897 when Ebeneezer was 31, he married Sally Burgess WATSON, daughter of Daniel WATSON & Sarah NOT KNOWN, in Newick Sussex. Born abt 1868. Sally Burgess died in Lewes Sussex on 5 Jun 1960, she was 92.

They had the following children:

i. Elizabeth. Born in Mar 1899 in Lewes Sussex.

ii William John. Born on 19 May 1901 in Lewes Sussex

iii Ebeneezer Joseph. Born on 26 Dec 1903 in Lewes Sussex


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