Family Trees

The IS/IZ/IZZard  have three main variants ISARD, IZARD, IZZARD , what I have tried to do here is create Family Pages of the various lines.  These have been divided into different area where they live. Obviously there is some overlap , eg Penshurst Isard started in Rotherfield Sussex and then someone married in Penshurst and started a new line that lived there for years. There is still a lot of work to be done, especially in the Counties of Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire

Sussex Family (1)     Sussex Family (2)     Sussex Family (3)     Sussex Family (4)

Newick Families    Bromley Families     Croydon Families    Penshurst Families



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i have much more information than is listed on this site so why not contact me and see if I can help your research If you find any mistakes then please let me know Family History is not an exact science and mistakes do happen