There are two main branches of Isards one from the Bromley area of Kent and one from the East Grinstead area of Sussex. I can find no connections between them. There was also a family of Izards in Croydon prior to both of the main branches as above. But I believe they are the ancestors of the Sussex Isards and my reason for doing this are :-

1) That it is obviously that the John and William listed as married in East Grinstead were related as they witnessed many of the weddings

2) The birth given in this tree for John & William correspond exactly with dates and ages given on headstone when they both died

3) The connection of the name Levett , John Izard born 1715 c is known to have had a love child by a Amy Levett

4) Lastly the fact that the Croydon Izards had the same names as those from East Grinstead Annes , Sarahs , Johns ,and William’s it was found quite common for families to keep the same names , but the Bromley Isards used different names .

This all has to be proved conclusively so if anyone can add information on the above then  please let me know


First Generation


1. John IZARD. Born abt 1694. John died in Croydon Surrey in 1760, he was 66. Occupation: Husbandman.Abt 1714 when John was 20, he got married to Elizabeth Not Known. Born abt 1696. details of will click here    See stories Surrey Quarter Sessions click here

They had the following children:

i. Susanna. Buried on 24 Dec 1718 in Croydon Surrey.

2 ii. John (~1715-)He got involved with an Amy Levett and they had one child, but never married

one child:

i. Not Known (Illegitimate). Born in 1735 in Croydon Surrey.

Second Generation


2. John IZARD. Born abt 1715. Buried abt 1782 in Croydon Surrey. On 12 Nov 1738 when John was 23, he first married Ann Not Known, in Croydon Surrey. Born abt 1716.

They had one child:

i. Ann. Born abt 1741.On 8 Jun 1767 when Ann was 26, she married Samuel KING, in SOUTHWARK ST THOMAS SURREY.

On 14 Apr 1741 when John was 26, he married for the second time to Mary TAYLOR, in Croydon Surrey. Born abt 1714. Mary died abt 1770, she was 56.

They had the following children:

i. Sarah. Buried on 2 Oct 1744 in Croydon Surrey.

ii. Jane. Buried abt 1747 in Croydon Surrey.

3 iii. John (~1754-) (Check out the Newick Isards for more details of him)

4 iv. William (~1748-1811) (Check out the Sussex Isards for more details of him)

v. Sarah. Born abt 1753. Buried on 8 Jun 1753 in Croydon

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