First Generation



1. Thomas CARBERRY. Born in Ireland probably Westmeath. Occupation: Butcher. Have never found his marriage

He had at least one Child:  

                    i. James (~1833-) 

Second Generation


2. James CARBERRY. Born  abt 1833 in Ireland Westmeath. Occupation: Gardener. Died 3rd July 1904 Hereford Hospital

On 17 Feb 1868 when James was 35, he married Eliza THOROGOOD, daughter of Thomas THOROGOOD & Eliza DEVENISH, in Painswick Gloucestershire. Born  abt 1840 in Canfield Essex. Eliza died in St Johns Workhouse Redhill Surrey on 17 Dec 1927, she was 87. 

They had the following children: 

   i.  Thomas Thorogood. Born in Jan 1869 in Bath Somerset. Thomas Thorogood died in Bath Somerset in Jan 1870, he  was 1. 

  ii. Susanna Mary (Minnie). Born  abt 1870 in Coome Down Somerset. Susanna Mary (Minnie) died in Possible July In Australia in 1952, she was 82. On 13 Apr 1914 when Susanna Mary (Minnie) was 44, she married Walter DREWRY in Summer Hill Creek Orange New South Wales Australia. Walter died in Australia  bef 1952, he was 75. Born  ca 1877 in Strutcham Norfolk. 

  iii. Elizabeth G. Born  abt 1873 in Coome Down Somerset. Occupation: Owner Of A Hat Shop In London.

  iv. Annie Catherine. Born  abt 1874 in Coome Down Somerset. Annie Catherine died  aft 1965, she was 91. bef 1908 when Annie Catherine was 34, she   married Arthur RICHARDS. Arthur died  bef 1940. 

  v. James William. Born on 16 Nov 1875 in Coome Down Somerset. James William died in Canada Montreal  aft 1944, he was 68. 

  vi. Sarah Louise (1877-1967)

  vii. Thomas George. Born on 2 Nov 1881 in Coome Down Somerset. Thomas George died aft 1965, he was 83.Occupation: Soldier Black Watch.



Third Generation


3. Sarah Louise CARBERRY. Born on 29 Nov 1877 in Tickenham Somerset. Sarah Louise died in Redhill Surrey on 18 Dec 1967, she was 90. Buried in Redstone Cemetery Redhill. Occupation: Domestic Cook In Service.  On 5 Mar 1903 when Sarah Louise was 25, she married James Linn ISARD, son of James Lynn ISARD & Flora Alice Ann WIGZELL, in East Finchley Middlesex. Born on 17 Jan 1866 in Sevenoaks Kent. James Linn died in Redhill Surrey on 15 Apr 1951, he was 85.